One Life to Live: An Interview with Camille DG

Blogger, entrepreneur, world traveler, fashion icon, our fitness inspo every week… and that only scratches the surface of who Camille DG is. When Camille isn’t exploring some of the most beautiful corners of the earth, you can catch her running her ad agency Codmorse and writing for her blog lecahier.com. Basically, goals. We sat down with her to get some insight into how she was able to develop a career out of her passion, what keeps her balanced, and what she’ll dare to do next!

One life to live: An Interview with Blogger Camille DG

What motivated you to become a blogger (camilledg.com) in 2008?

Back then, I was in university, wondering what I would do with my life after school. I knew I wanted a life away from the monotonous 9-5 and that I loved creating projects (I had a theatre company before and we even participated in the Fringe Festival). I have always been a writer. In elementary school, I started by writing short stories, and from there my passion grew to include books and plays. I’ve also always written my daily journals (that my little sister used to steal to make fun of me). The blog was just a natural way for me to share my writing and create my portfolio in the really competitive world that is the media.

How did your blog grow to become lecahier.com?

In 2011, Virginie started working at Codmorse, my ad agency. I can’t remember how exactly, but she started writing for the blog along with other interns. But it got weird… they were signing their articles, but people still assumed that I wrote them all because my name was on the blog. It didn’t feel right anymore. Viv and I chose to change the blog in order to expand its scope and to create a place where all of the writers would feel at home. Then, we used the Facebook ad system and we had paid ad campaigns in many bars in town to grow our fan base. Very quickly, we had our TV show on MATV and the blog evolved into the media company it is today!

What do you find interesting about the blogging industry?

It’s always changing; you can’t think it’ll always be the same. As a blogger, I can be myself and express my opinions on different subjects. We have built a community around LeCahier that we cherish, it’s an amazing gift!

One life to live: an interview with blogger camille DG

What fashion trends are you most excited for in 2017?

Oh! Jeans that aren’t so tight! And… well… I would say amazing flat shoes! I love to play with different layers too!

You are heavily interested in fitness and health. When did your focus on active living begin? What is your typical workout routine in a week?

I grew up with sports being really important. Even at a young age, I was on a swimming team, training more than once a day. Sports have always been part of my routine. I try to run, swim, cycle or just move every day!

Nope. Training isn't always easy. It's take the motivation to start all over again several times. Often, you don't know exactly why, but it doesn't go the way you want: you don't feel as fast or as strong as always. It's OK. For me, it's not a competition, it's a lifestyle, a choice I make daily: taking care of myself. Non, s'entraîner ce n'est pas toujours facile. Ça demande de la motivation de recommencer maintes fois à zéro. Souvent, sans trop comprendre pourquoi, ça ne va pas comme sur des roulettes: on ne se sent pas aussi forte ou aussi rapide qu'à l'habitude. C'est OK. Selon moi, ce n'est pas une compétition, c'est un style de vie, un choix que je fais quotidiennement de prendre soin de moi. … Photo from the latest @hyba campaign. I'm really proud to be an ambassador! Photo de la récente campagne de Hyba dont je suis une fière ambassadrice! #hyba #hybaambassador #hypasport #running #run #fitblogger #fitnesstip #fitnessgirl #fitgirl #sportwear #sportmotivation #training #ad #beginandbelieve #monhistoirecommence #course #motivation #fitnessgoal #trustyourself

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Tell us a little bit about your agency Codmorse. When and how did you decide to launch your own agency?

I was 21. I was surfing in Mexico when I realised I wasn’t happy with my life. So, I quit. Best decision ever. I started as a freelance community manager, but in less than a year, I had employees and it became an agency. I never thought I would be an entrepreneur, my parents are not. For me, it wasn’t an option. But I now realize it was made for me. Codmorse is an ad agency with a focus on web content. We are a family at the agency: all friends working on projects we believe in. Isn’t it magical?

How do you balance all the different priorities in your life?

I’m bad at it. Ask my boyfriend. Seriously working on it. Work has always been fun to me, so it’s always a priority… but I don’t want my close family and friends to suffer for it.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Just do it. Listen to yourself. Be yourself.

You’ve had a very impressive and broad career at such a young age. What is your key to success?

Having fun, always being ready to jump into the next adventure; don’t think you’re too busy, you never are.

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What will you dare to do this spring?

I’m always ready to try new things. What is out of my comfort zone is what I like the most, so I actually don’t know. I tried diving last week and I’m taking my Open Water PADI next month… so next, no clue! Should I listen to my dad and get rid of a lot of my clothes? No! I just can’t.


Flash Questions

Describe your style in 3 words: Versatile, classic, boho-chic

Last meal on earth: Tuna steak or Tahitian raw tuna

Favourite travel destination: TOO HARD! I travel every month… lately Tahiti, Thailand, Nicaragua. But I love Paris and Barcelona… how can I answer that?

Key words to live by: You have one life (until you prove me otherwise), so you’d better take every opportunity and chance because the magic happens outside of your comfort zone.

Women who inspire you: my grandma. She is 90, smiles all the time, raised 6 kids, ran a business with my grandpa, had a sideline for a bit, but mostly, she always looks happy. That is, for me, what life is all about.

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