The Best Smoothie Recipes

As soon as we get our first taste of warm spring days, our cravings for light fresh foods go way up. We’ve all read those magazine articles and know that eating breakfast is good for us… but how does that help a busy girl on the go? The solution is a smoothie that you can make in a snap and sip on your way. And because summer is coming, of course it has to be healthy! So here are our favourite green smoothie recipes; they’re delicious and good for you without tasting like rabbit food. You can even customize your shake the way you want. All you need is a blender or bullet (we love the NutriBullet) and you get to pick the rest.


Dynamite Clothing smoothie recipes


The Greens

This is where a whole lot of your smoothie’s nutrition comes from. Most people are good at getting in their daily fruit servings (1-2/day) but not so great at getting in their veggie servings (5-6/day). A smoothie is a great place to bring you closer to your goals and we promise your smoothie won’t taste like a salad. The base of your smoothie should be 1-2 cups of greens. You can start small and add more as you get used to drinking you vegetables. Our favourite smoothies greens are spinach and kale but you can also use lettuce, mixed greens, romaine, or swiss chard. Depending on your blender, you might have to break the kale up into smaller pieces so it can blend easily.


Dynamite Clothing smoothie recipes


The Fruits

You can put pretty much any fruit in a smoothie, which allows you to mix it up and create different flavour combinations based on what you like. It’s good to have one fruit that serves as a thickener such as banana, mango or avocado. These fruits have less water and will give your smoothie a thicker consistency. In terms of amount, go for a half or whole banana, half a mango or a quarter avocado (it thickens a shake up real quick).

Berries are great in smoothies as long as seeds don’t bother you. They are high in antioxidants, fibre and vitamin C. Cucumber is also amazing for a light, refreshing taste. For those lacking in time, frozen fruit mixes are amazing. There are so many different combinations available at the grocery store and there is no washing or chopping required on your end. We love adding 1 thickening fruit and then 1 cup of frozen fruit for a great flavour combination. The higher the variety of fruits, the higher the variety of nutrients.

For the girl who hits the gym in the morning (giving us all #goals), replace the cup of frozen fruit with 1 scoop of your favourite protein powder.


Dynamite Clothing smoothie recipes


The Juice

By juice, we don’t necessarily mean juice but any liquid you add to your shake. Lots of juices have added sugars so it’s best to steer clear or read labels strictly if you are trying to watch your weight. Besides, there is already lots of fruit in your smoothie so we recommend adding 1.5 cups of a liquid other than juice. Which liquid you choose really depends on your preferences. Our favourites are almond milk or coconut water. You can also use regular milk, soy milk or plain old water.


Dynamite Clothing smoothie recipes

The Super Seeds

This is the healthy topper to your smoothie; think of it as the peanuts on a Sunday! There are plenty of healthy seeds you can add to your shakes. They add protein to your smoothie and help keep you full for longer. Our favourite options are hemp, chia and flax seeds. You will only need 1-2 tablespoons and they won’t alter the flavour of your smoothies at all. If you like a thicker shake, oats are also a great option but they will alter the consistency of your shake.


Dynamite Clothing smoothie recipe

Our Favourite Smoothie Recipes

Work day: 2 cups spinach + 1 whole banana + 1 cup frozen tropical fruit mix (typically pinneaple, mango etc) + 1.5 cups coconut water

Gym day: 2 cups kale + 1 whole banana + 1 scoop vanilla protein + 1.5 cups of almond milk


What are your favourite smoothie combos? Let us know in the comments!