Meditation You Can Do At Work

Sometimes the work day just gets to be too much. You are trying to nail that promotion for your future corner office, but also make it out of the office before nightfall. Because you know when you get home, there is a whole other set of issues to deal with. Cooking, cleaning, working out… We are trying to do it all! Millenials report the highest amount of stress and the least ability to deal with it (American Psychological Association).  We could all use a break and yet we are always too pressed for time. 


We always want you to look and feel your best, so here is a quick meditation that you can do at work. This 30-second seated meditation can be done anywhere, anytime to help you instantly de-stress. When you think you’re about to lose it on Cindy the intern, take a step back, close your door if you have one (#cubiclelife) and give yourself a moment’s peace. Our favourite trainer and yogi, Vanessa Riccio (@greendailydose) shows you how.
 Dynamite Clothing meditation
Begin seated comfortably with your feet hip width apart, and firmly planted on the ground.


Close your eyes if you wish.


Take a moment to feel your lower body. Feel your sit bones and your legs. Feel all the way down to the soles of your feet, heavy and supported by your chair and the ground beneath you.


Take another moment to feel your upper  body light and lifted.


In this position, your breath has the most room to move and can instantly calm you down.


Place your hands on your belly, and take five deep breaths through the nose. Don’t force your breath, just let it happen on its own.


Every inhale, allow your belly to expand into your hands.


Every exhale, allow your belly to release.


Once completed, take a moment to notice how differently you feel: more calm, more relaxed and more able to handle anything that comes your way.


Come back to this simple belly breathing mediation as often as needed. Namaste 🙂