Denim 101: 4 Tips to Make Your Denim Last Longer

A great pair of denim will stand by you no matter what – so it only makes sense you’d want them to stay in tip top shape!  Keeping your jeans in good condition is easier then you think.  It might sound weird but, washing and drying are the two most damaging activities when it comes to cleaning your jeans.  Thankfully, we have a few tricks you can use to avoid their harmful effects.

Dynamite Denim

Follow these simple steps and your blues will last a lifetime:

  1. Don’t wash your jeans too often. Simple as that.  The more you wash your denim the more it can fade or lose it’s shape.  If this makes you nervous and you think they need a refresh, get rid of odors by hanging them outside in the fresh air and spraying them with Febreze.  You can also tumble them in the dryer with a scented dryer sheet but only for a few minutes.
  2. Wash your jeans inside out. This is very important especially if your denim is dark.  Washing your denim inside out in cold water with a mild detergent protects the color from fading as fast.
  3. Avoid the washing machine. Preferably hand wash your fave pair of denim, the washing machine can damage them.
  4. Air dry. This is the best way to dry your jeans.  If your jeans have any stretch in them, the dryer breaks down the elastic and your jeans will loose their nice tight fit.  If your jeans are stiff from air drying, you can put them in the dryer on low heat for a few minutes to soften them up.

These steps are easy and effortless to incorporate into your cleaning routine.  Denim experts suggest going a few months without washing your jeans. We know, that sounds gross but hopefully these tips help you out the next time you go to wash your jeans.  Take care of your denim and they’ll keep you looking amazing!

Tell us in the comments below how long you go without washing your denim or if you have any of your own tips.

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