Makeup Brushes Splurge vs. Save

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Saving feels great, but you may only get what you pay for. This is especially true when it comes to cosmetics. Some high-end cosmetics may seem overpriced, but some of them are truly worth the splurge. As (sort of) certified makeup junkies, we’ve done our fair share of testing drugstore vs. high-end products. However, makeup brushes seem to be the trickiest to judge. Our rule of thumb: quality is always better than quantity, but quality doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag!

Dynamite Clothing makeup brushes

Why a good brush is important

A good brush can actually make your makeup look better. Why? Because a good brush will ensure that the amount of product that is picked up is sufficient, that it will deposit it onto your skin without streaking, and that it will comfortably blend it on your skin without scratching your face to bits. We dove deep into our makeup arsenals and came up with our top makeup brushes for a flawless face. Here are our splurge vs. save must-haves!


Foundation Brushes

When it comes to a great foundation applicator, our favourite at the moment is the Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush ($USD 24.00 at sigmabeauty.com). The flat top brush head is ideal to buff in your foundation, making it easy to blend onto your forehead and cheeks! A great dupe to the Sigma brush is the Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques ($9 at realtechniques.com). Like its counterpart, this brush applies foundation flawlessly, and is a quality alternative.

Makeup Brushes

Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques (Left) and Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush (Right)

Tip: watch out for makeup brushes that absorb too much product because you’ll have to replace your makeup sooner. When in doubt, your clean bare fingers can do the trick!


Powder Brushes

The same though-process applies to powder brushes. Whether it’s for applying bronzer or blush, you want to look out for the softest bristles you can find that will pick up just enough pigment. Real Techniques has a wide range of makeup brushes that are very reasonably priced, and will apply your bronzer and blush effortlessly.  However, if you’re looking to indulge in higher end makeup brushes, our faves are the Bronzer Brush no.12 by Marc Jacobs Beauty ($94 at sephora.ca) for your bronzing needs and MAC’s Tapered Face Brush no.138 ($53.00 at maccosmetics.com) for the perfect just-blushed look!

Makeup brushes Dynamite Clothing

Bronzer Brush no.12 by Marc Jacobs Beauty and MAC’s Tapered Face Brush no.138


Multi-Purpose Makeup Brushes

Marc Jacobs Beauty brushes are a prime example of why quality is more important than quantity. Though they may not offer as many brush options, the ones they do have will almost always do the trick. If you’re looking for that one versatile brush that can take your makeup from day-to-night, you definitely need The Face II – Sculpting Foundation Brush No. 2 ($60 at sephora.ca). This brush is angled on one side and flat on the other. You can use the flat, tapered side of the brush for overall coverage, and use the sides of the brush for contouring areas such as your cheekbones, jawline, and nose. You can even use it to apply your blush!

Makeup Brushes

The Face II – Sculpting Foundation Brush No. 2 by Marc Jacobs Beauty


What are your favourite makeup brushes? Let us know in the comments!