Making our Beauty Mark: Beauty and Fragrance Launch

We can hardly contain our excitement! Our beauty and fragrance line is now in stores! We’ve partnered up with FranceLAB, a globally recognized cosmetics company that has worked with top fashion retailers worldwide, to create a beauty and fragrance collection worthy of you beautiful ladies.

2016 Beauty and Fragrance Launch

Stop and Smell the Fragrances

We started with fragrance because we’re all about that first impression. Check out our lookbook to meet the lineup. There’s no need to commit just yet.

First, we have Couture, an instantly seductive scent that will awaken your inner confidence. with wooden nuances and rich fruity accords. This scent will make you feel luxurious no matter what you’re doing.

Next, we have Voyage. It’s like a kiss from the sun that lifts your spirit. The fragrance combines airy jasmine notes with the refreshing aroma of orange. This scent is like a familiar but forgotten moment, tempting you to experience the unknown.

The third and final scent is Belle. Belle is reminiscent of a blooming romance. The fragrance embodies femininity with its beautiful peony notes and creamy vanilla. This scent will make you feel strong, vulnerable, playful and mysterious all at once.

2016 Beauty and Fragrance Launch

Think you’ve found the one? Here are four ways to make your fragrance love affair last:

1. Exposure to high heat and sunlight can actually cause your fragrance to go bad! If you want to extend the life of your favourite scents, keep them in a dark area at room temperature.

2. Our body’s chemistry affects how perfumes react upon contact with our skin. Hormones, diet, and medication all affect our natural scent and how our fragrances smell on us. That’s why something that smells amazing on your friend could smell just okay on you.

3. Dry skin makes your scent evaporate quicker. That’s why you should always moisturize before putting on your perfume.

4. You can maximize your scent by applying it to areas that blood vessels are closest to the skin a.k.a. pulse points. This is because these spots radiate heat. The best spots are your inner wrists, base of your neck, behind your earlobes and your inner elbows!


In Good Hands

2016 Beauty and Fragrance Launch

Our hand creams are available in all three of our signature scents: Voyage, Couture, and Belle. Derived from plants, they are rich in nourishing and protective oils. There’s nothing worse than hand creams that make you feel greasy, so we made sure our hand creams hydrate without feeling like you need to wipe them off afterwards. What could be better than a cream that smells amazing and that will soothe your dry skin? Nothing.


Tough as Nails

2016 Beauty and Fragrance Launch

Our nail polishes are available in an assortment of beautiful colors. From deep burgundy to subtle blush, you’re bound to fall in love with one of these hues. Our formula is quick-drying and long lasting. Need we say more?


Light Me Up

2016 Beauty and Fragrance Launch

Imagine this: you’re putting the finishing touches on your makeup. You’re listening to music and feeling butterflies in your stomach for the night ahead. Now imagine lighting a candle and smelling soft vanilla or woodsy sweetness. Sounds nice doesn’t it? There’s just nothing better than the heat and scent of the perfect candle.

We hope you’re as excited as we are! Find our 2016 beauty and fragrance line in stores now and smell for yourself! Enjoy!