Summer Hours: Work Wear Update

Forget what you know about work wear! Summer’s hot enough without having to add to the mix with heavy layers and fabrics that just don’t breathe. That’s why our summer work wear strategy is all about showing some skin in the classiest way possible. Didn’t think you could wear shorts to the office? Think again! Bored with your blazers? Add pops of color and patterns!

Need some inspo? Keep reading to see how @EllaKatzz styles some of our fave summer work wear pieces!

summer work wear

Mariella Katz

Founder and owner of Frenzr – a Montreal- and Toronto-based social media agency.

What do you love about the blazer for summer workdays? 

The blazer is the easiest way to make any look jump straight into work mode. I particularly love wearing them in the summer since very often you’ll catch me in a sleeveless blouse or tank!

How do you mix your own personal fashion into workwear

I’m creative and free-spirited and I always make sure that it’s something you can understand by looking at the way I’m dressed. I love wearing colours, mixing and playing with different fabrics and, of course, pairing it all with heels!

Summer workwear

Pretty florals and a structured short are perfect any day of the week. Mariella takes the look to work by topping it with a pink blazer.

What tips do you have to make workwear trendy?

Staying up-to-date with the latest colours, allowing yourself to explore and try new looks and new ways of accessorizing!

What’s your best ‘woke up late and need to be dressed in 5 minutes’ outfit? 

Haha! Can I tell you that this happens to me at least a couple of times a week. My go-to outfit is a dress – I always make sure to have a variety of them for any work day, event or even weekend. You throw it on, put shoes on and GO! Seems like a winning recipe to me! 🙂

What piece of clothing has endless styling possibilities for you?

A dress – so easy to ‘dress it up’ or ‘dress it down’

Loose pants – for the same reason as the dress haha!

summer workwear

Have fun with it! Dress up your basic tee with a patterned blazer and paper bag shorts

Rapid Questions:

1) Celebrity style icon? Hanneli Mustaparta: Minimal, colourful with a boho touch.

2) Favorite trend this summer? Flowy everything.

3) As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? A TV host.

4) Words to live by? It’s not about ideas; it’s about making ideas happen.

Thanks to @EllaKatzz for sharing her looks! Now it’s your turn! Show us your Summer Workwear on Instagram and tag #dynamitestyle.