Closet Checklist: Wardrobe Essentials for every Woman

We get it, you work hard. Getting dressed in the morning shouldn’t be an added stress to your day, but instead something you look forward to. Ever thought to yourself “I have absolutely nothing to wear”? You need a new strategy… What about investing in the essentials and feeling comfortable in clothes that make you look and feel good? Seem too good to be true? Well… it’s not. Here are our definitive closet classics that will make daily styling a breeze!

The Crew Neck Tee

One thing that will never change is the plain white tee. Perfect for just about any occasion, you just can’t go wrong. Worn on its own with a pair of jeans, or layered under a cami or blazer, a crew neck tee will always leave you feeling your best. The best part of this style? You can dress it up with bold accessories, or dress it down with casual bottoms.

crew neck tee

The Classic Button Down

I think we can all agree that if you don’t have a classic button down in your wardrobe, you’re probably not adulting right. So here’s what you need to know about it: the button down is a wardrobe basic that can take you from desk to drinks. You need this style if only for those late days where you roll out of bed 10 minutes 30 minutes past your alarm and have to look put together in a flash.

wardrobe essentials

The Perfect Knit

During the colder months, you’re going to need a good knit. Something that’s not too thick that you’ll be sweating by mid-day, but also not so thin that you’ll be chilly. There really is no end to how you can wear your knit. Keep it light and casual with a pair of leggings, or play it up over a dress that you thought you had retired after summer.

perfect knit t-shirt

The “I go with Everything” Pant

Just like the classic button down, a good work pant is the perfect item to show ‘em who’s boss. What more can we say about this essential style? It’s a no brainer! A colored pant is great for the weekends, while classic black is the epitome of workday chic.

wardrobe essentials - basic pants

The Chic Pencil skirt

Speaking of workday chic, let’s take a minute to talk about the pencil skirt. Form fitting and flattering on just about every body shape, you need at least one of these in your wardrobe. We love that the pencil skirt is no longer a piece just for the office. While there is nothing classier than a pencil skirt and button down, we love this skirt for a night out with a crop top or lacy bodysuit.

chic pencil skirt

The Little Black Dress

Need we say more? I don’t think we need to sell you on how important it is to own a little black dress that not only makes you feel sexy, but also makes you feel comfortable. Just for the fun of it, let me list you some of the occasions you can grab your LBD for: a night out, a night in, a weekend walk, a weekday stroll, a birthday party, an office bash…

little black dress

The “Fits just Right” Jeans

You know those days when you’re just down on yourself? We’ve got the the cure- jeans that make your butt look incredible. All you have to do is put those babies on and turn around. Pair them with a trendy shirt or just a plain white tee! Voila, instant outfit.

fit just right dress

The Timeless Blazer

Oh the blazer… I feel like we all have a love-hate relationship with it. It brings back all of those memories of seeing your parents off to work. You probably thought to yourself “wow, I want to look like that”. But now that you’re older the blazer may feel tired… We’re here to tell you that that’s false! With tons of shapes and sizes, the blazer will make you feel perfectly proper in all of the best ways.

timeless blazer

The Denim Jacket

Lightweight, yet structured; comfortable yet trendy. The denim jacket is a daytime staple. Anything but ordinary, the denim jacket is available in tons of styles and washes. From distressed to light wash, buttons, or snaps, you’re going to love wearing it, we promise.

denim jacket essential

The (Faux) Leather jacket

And last, but definitely not least, we have the faux leather jacket. Admit it, wearing a faux leather jacket makes you feel badass and you love it. Major weekend warrior vibes, major Sandy at the end of Grease vibes, what isn’t there to love? Pair it with a dress for the perfect romantic rebel look, or with a pair of distressed denim for a street style flare.

faux leather jacket


And there you have it! Endless possibilities with just a few wardrobe essentials! Now it’s your turn! Share your wardrobe must-haves with us on Instagram with #dynamitestyle