Must-Have Trend: Decorating With Marble

From fashion blogs to blockbusters, there’s one trend everyone is taking about this spring and that’s decorating with marble.

Marble has somehow made it onto all of our news feeds in the past year. We blame fashion bloggers (who with strategic precision) all seem to have mastered the art of the flat lay by throwing in a marble backdrop. There’s just something about its white and light grey textured finish that catches the eye.

So  whether it’s home decor or simple accessories, decorating with marble is definitely a must-have trend!



Marble is historically known as being a favorite of Greek and Roman sculptors and architects (which explains why we tend to associate this stone with more refined taste).

Sure, marble tends to be on the pricier side, but we still can’t help but re-design our bathrooms and kitchens into marble heavens that put blogger flat-lays to shame. So, whether your ready to splurge or save, here is a range of products from low to luxe that will help you get the marble look:


Talented Canadian Designers Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler, owners of Gabriel Scott incorporate marble in many of their design pieces, including this side table. All  of their products are handmade in Canada and shipped to their warehouse in Upstate New York. One reason you should bookmark them? This talented duo was featured in the famous Apartment by The Line, NYC.

DYNAMITE CLOTHING decorating with marble side table

Marble Side Table from Gabriel Scott / via gabriel-scott.com



If you’ve ever seen the movie It’s Complicated with Meryl Streep, the setting of her bakery may have blown you away and, for some, introduced a new found love for decorating with marble.

The inspiration:

DYNAMITE CLOTHING decorating with marble counter top

It’s Complicated, Universal Studios/ via mylifewithfood.com

DYNAMITE CLOTHING decorating with marble kitchen

It’s Complicated, Universal Studios/ via hookedonhouses.net

For all the bakers out there, marble is the ideal counter top (and obviously the look doesn’t disappoint either). But is it affordable? Well no, it’s pretty pricey. But we found faux-marble alternatives for you from Ceaserstone for you! Check them out…

Get the look:

DYNAMITE CLOTHING decorating with marble counterCeaserstone’s London Grey/ via caesarstone.ca

DYNAMITE CLOTHING decorating with marble counter decorCeaserstone’s Statuario Nuvo/ via caesarstone.ca



If you’re clumsy (like us) tech cases are a necessity for all electronics. We all want something that is durable but also looks nice. Marble may not be the first thing you think of for an iPhone or laptop case, but the results are actually awesome!

DYNAMITE CLOTHING decorating with marble iPhone caseMarble iPhone Case/ via casetify.com

Marble Laptop Case/ via uniqfind.com


The moral of the story? We love marble.

While it can be expensive, there are affordable options that make it easy to incorporate it in your home decor and accessories. If you decided that decorating with marble is for you, trust us, the results will be marbleous!