Thoughtful Misfit’s Essential Fall Checklist

Guest Blog post by the always stylish Thoughtful Misfit.

There are so many things to love about Fall fashion, but my favorite things aren’t latest trends, but the classics that come back season after season, like that old friend you can pick right back up with after months apart. Every time this year, I put together a mental checklist that essentially remains the same. Yes, a good coat and a great pair of boots are always on the list, but there are a few things that constantly remain at the top – especially this year! Here they are in no particular order:

Halter Top Blouse: A friend once pointed out that I have a serious thing for sleeveless mock neck tops. It’s totally true, which is why I’ve always been a fan of a neck-tie blouses, especially when it’s sleeveless. It’s an incredibly layering piece and you can tie it so many different ways, which is partly why I’ve worn this style steadily for years. This year, I’m tying it simply with no bow. But next year, who knows how I’ll feel like tying it. I’m wearing the online exclusive style below but Dynamite just released it in teal and a beautiful boho print.


Leather Pants: These days, you can literally wear leather pants anywhere. I’ve worn them to job interviews, to the grocery store and to cocktail parties. If I were still in high school, I’d even wear them to prom. Not only are they versatile, but they’re simultaneously polished and supremely badass. Now how many items can you say that about?


Hobo Bag: Ok, so this is sort of a Fall trend, as the hobo silhouette has recently come back in full force. Bonus points if it’s a half moon shape. Double bonus points if it’s got a leather vibe and triple bonus points if it’s black for ultra versatility.

What’s on your essential Fall checklist this year?



Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli