Behind the Shorts: Summer Shorts for Work and Play

It’s time, ladies! Those legs have been hidden for nine long, cold months. You’ve only got a limited time to wear your favourite shorts, so you might as well make the most of it. Don’t restrict your shorts to the weekend, let those babies breathe! Not convinced yet? Luckily, we have the lovely Grace Boulevard to give you some style inspo, so that you can start rocking this trend before it’s too late!


Grace Boulevard

Auditor by day, lifestyle blogger by night, and baker somewhere in between.

What do you love about the shorts trend?

Definitely the versatility! My current favourite outfit is to pair them with a long blazer for a more professional spin. Playing with proportions is trendy right now and can be very flattering. I also love to pair them with pointed heels to dress them up and elongate my legs.

How do you mix your own personal fashion into workwear? 

With every outfit, I always try to incorporate one trendy item that I love at that moment. Weekend wear transforms into workwear and I get a lot more use out of my wardrobe. I also love mixing high-end accessories with reasonably priced clothing. It gives an outfit a certain allure. But, it also keeps it affordable which is great cause this girl’s gotta eat!


Keeping it light and fun. Grace pairs a vertical striped short with a lace cami and denim jacket for the a weekend-in-the-city look! Accessorize this look with ice cream for the ultimate perfect outfit.

What tips do you have to make workwear trendy? 

Don’t be afraid to colour outside the lines. I’m not saying you should be the girl with the super short denim skirt that everyone’s whispering about, but, don’t be afraid to mix fast fashion with your basic workwear to create a balanced look. Paired right, you’ll be surprised how many pieces in your wardrobe are itching to come to work with you.

What’s your best “woke up late, and need to be dressed in 5 minutes” outfit?

Currently I’m reaching for white ruffled blouses, pointed heels, and a ton of rings.

What piece of clothing has endless styling possibilities for you? 

Definitely jeans. You can dress them up with heels and a statement top, or down with flats and a slogan tee. They’re suitable day or night for most occasions and ages. Just don’t show up to my wedding in them or you’re dead to me!


Monday meeting, come at us. We know, it’s not your standard 9-5 look, but this is so much better. All it takes is a satin short, a lingerie inspired cami, and a blazer. Now go ahead, show ’em who’s boss.

Rapid Questions

Celebrity style icon? Olivia Palermo

Favourite trend this summer? I don’t think I can choose just one! This summer was made for feminine women like me. I’m all about the ruffles, bows, flares and flowy materials. I also can’t get enough of distressed denim.

As a child. what did you want to be when you grew up? Both a patisserie chef and Cinderella.

Words to live by? Make today your favourite day. Then, do it again tomorrow.

We want to give @GraceBlvrd a big thank you for sharing her looks! Now it’s your turn! Show us how you wear your shorts on Instagram and tag #EndlessPossibilities and #DynamiteStyle for a chance to win a $1000 Dynamite shopping spree!