Sass in the City: Your Perfect 2016 Fall Wardrobe

It’s no mystery, looking hot is all about confidence. You just have to flaunt what you got. We get it though: some days you’re not feeling it and you need a little boost. That’s why, this fall, we want your clothes to do the talking. Your 2016 fall wardrobe is all about sassy little outfits that show your personality. When you look good, you feel great and these sexy styles are all about showing off. Check out the lookbook and see for yourself.


We know you’re always on the go, which city girl isn’t? That’s why dresses are so key. From bodycon to relaxed styles, dresses are the perfect get up and go outfit for your busy morning. Feeling casual? For this dress, we took your favourite plaid shirt and added a few inches. It’s basically a flannel that’s kicked up a notch to accentuate your waist and legs.

2016 fall wardrobe - Dynamite Clothing

If you’re looking for something a little more form fitting, we’ve got you covered. This ribbed dress  (coming soon) ‘waists’ no time and is giving us serious sexy secret agent vibes. Plus, who doesn’t love a long-sleeved dress for September? It’s the perfect compromise for your end of summer woes.

2016 fall wardrobe - Dynamite Clothing


Let’s talk about twin sets for a minute. Just as much of a no-brainer as a dress, but with parts sold separately. This emerald two-piece is better together but plays well with others, and the ribbed texture of the pieces is perfect for the slight fall chill. Now top it off with a leather jacket and you’re out the door.

2016 fall wardrobe - Dynamite Clothing


Whether it’s a bit of back or a peak of shoulder, don’t let fall stop you from showing some skin. Opt for a bodysuit with an exposed back for a look that says “right back atcha” in the best way possible. This bodysuit is our nod to business in the front, party in the back. Throw on some jeans for an instant weekend outfit.

2016 fall wardrobe - Dynamite Clothing

Don’t put your shoulders away because summer is over. It’s always shoulders season in a slouchy knit.  The secret behind this outfit? Accessories! You can never have too many or too few – it’s all about adding your own personal touch. Add some ripped jeans and voilà- fall uniform.

2016 fall wardrobe - Dynamite Clothing


Oh please! Whoever said florals were just for summer was lying. Just throw on a sweater and you’re good to go! Summer may be about prints, but this fall, we have so many fun textures for you to try out. Your 2016 fall wardrobe needs a maxi sweater, trust us.

2016 fall wardrobe - Dynamite Clothing

R.I.P summer sixteen. We may be devastated that it’s over, but fall clothes are seriously helping us mourn. Shop the collection now and see for yourself.