Osheaga Fashion Recap

One fine thing we adore about Montreal is it plays host to the largest (and coolest) music festival in Canada. Osheaga Music and Arts Festival was this past weekend and it was AH-MAZING! We have so much to report back to you. Let’s talk about fashion first.

Crop tops + denim shorts EVERYWHERE! It must have been a world record for that many people wearing this in one place. It was the perfect #OOTD to keep you from melting in the oh so hot sun. Also super popular were maxi skirts and dresses. Graphic tees we’re also a hit.

We caught up with one of our models, Brittany Luttrell on day 2 of Osheaga, sporting light-weight shorts and tank which proved to be super comfy in the heat. On day 3 she opted for high waist jean shorts and a crop top which she paired with a long necklace.

osheaga Brittany

Check out out Instagram for more pics from Osheaga.

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