9 things to do this October

Who doesn’t like October? Without stating the obvious (HALLOWEEN!), October is a charmingly crisp time of year to indulge in the best bits of fall. It’s the month to sip spicy, over-priced lattes, wrap a blanket scarf up to your nose and take adorable pictures in the leaves (proving on last time you actually go outside) before hiding away in hibernation. To celebrate this fantastic fall month, we’ve created the official list of October to-do’s! Think you can try them all?

1.  Try Starbuck’s new fall latte

Yes, that’s correct. Starbucks has released a NEW fall latte for the first time in 4 years! It’s called the Toasted Graham latte, and don’t worry we can’t stop drooling either. Blogger Girl in Betsey knows how to pair this Starbucks fave with our #2 October must-have…

2.  Rock a blanket scarf 

Fall’s most versatile accessory by far is the blanket scarf. Besides it’s notorious neck warming know-how, show off your scarfs full print potential by draping it as a poncho, or wrapping and belting the look like a savvy street stylist. There’s so many ways to wear this patterned piece!
3.  Get dressed up for no reason

This is probably the last month of the year you’re going to get away with no tights, so embrace it girl. Why not get fancy in a full length fringe dress just because? Nobody needs an excuse to feel gorgeous.

4.  Start a new TV series

Satisfy your craving to be cozy by cuddling up with a brand new TV series. This month we’re loving Empire, a dramatic Fox series following the family life of a former drug dealer turned CEO hip hop mogul and the familial furor that ensues. With it’s 18 episode second season just having been released, it’s time to “not” pirate the whole package and spend a Saturday in your pajamas.

5. Make a soup

Nothing screams fall louder than a punchy bowl of butternut squash soup. Try something a little different with this fragrant curry version.

6.  Wear plaid (as much as possible)

Tis’ the season to check out in everyone’s favorite fall print. Not only is it easy to wear, plaid is on total fashion point this month. From ponchos to blouses, we’ve got the styles to get you in line.

7.  Leave sleeves behind

So the fashion world took a vote and decided that arms were passé (well okay, only the part that covers them). This fall, sleeveless styles like the sherpa vest, faux leather vest and fur vest are on point! Take a casual outfit like a soft plaid shirt and flared denim to the next level with a fur vest or add some edge with faux leather and lace. Next time you dress up, dare to wear something different- something sleeveless!

8.  Buy a mini pumpkin

With their cute little bumps and curly stems, nothing makes a better fall decoration than a mini pumpkin. Find one at your local farmers market this weekend!

9. Spend a weekend in the woods

Summer may be over, but cottage season will never end. Plan a weekend this month to head up North and get cozy by the fire. Make sure a soft poncho is on your packing list!