1 Staple Item You Need This Spring

Some things are classic for a reason. The button up shirt is one of those things.

Loose, casual shirting is spring’s new staple item, spotted on celebs to supermodels. It looks effortless yet polished, sexy yet understated, relaxed yet professional all at once. It’s the most versatile article of clothing you can buy, so make sure it’s a fixture in your spring wardrobe!

100015289_000_alt1_1373x1000Work to Weekend

Do you believe work clothes can be weekend clothes? We do! A simple, striped shirt fits in just as easily at the office as it does with your favorite pair of high waisted jeans.

At work, add a crisp pant and fully tuck in your shirt tails to keep the look polished:

100015289_000_alt2_1373x1000On the weekends, try an off-duty half tuck and sport your shirt with a sexy pair of skinny denim:


Styling Tricks

These are some of our favorite styling tricks to take your shirt from simple to chic. Use these styling tips to update your classic button up shirt in an instant!

The Casual Half Tuck

Nothing is more cool, effortless, and stylish than the half tucked shirt. To get the look, unbutton the last 1-2 buttons of your shirt. Take one side of your shirt and tuck it in the front, from the button to the side seam. Leave the back hanging out.

100013926_120_alt2_1373x1000The Trendy Top Button

What matters most about this top-button shirting trick is the type of shirt you style it on. Sheer, soft fabrics and interesting maxi length button-up shirts work best because they keep the look trendy and feminine (not stiff and starchy).


The classic full-tuck. Let’s face it, you should already know how to do this one by now.

100016620_200_1373x1000Relaxed, Rolled Sleeves

Off-duty style is all about comfort, and that why an un-tucked shirt with relaxed, rolled sleeves works well on the weekend. Give your sleeves 1-2 rolls so when your arms are down, they rest just between your elbow and wrist.  Don’t be a perfectionist, rolled sleeves don’t have to be symmetrical.


The best part about the button-up shirt? It’s an outfit investment! Buy one and wear it forever. This spring staple is so versatile, it’s a must-have.

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